Skills Brokerage Service

The skills you need for the future you want

Designed to help you get the skills you need for your business as effectively as possible

Training and up-skilling your employees can be a complex process, with various training providers, and qualifications and accreditations to consider. The Skills Brokerage Service is designed to provide you with impartial advice and guidance. Our advisers can also support you in finding what funding is available that you may be eligible for.

Grant funding available to support taking on an apprentice 

We are offering a brand new incentive for Hertfordshire businesses employing 10-249 staff to take on Apprentices. Grants are available to each employer worth £1,500 per Apprentice. Businesses are able receive the grant for up to two Apprentices. More information is available on our Apprentice Incentive Grant Fact Sheet. Businesses employing 2-249 staff may be eligible for our grant worth £1,500 per Apprentice. Get in touch our advisers can help you access this grant


Fully Funded Taster Workshops & Short Courses 

Click here to find out more about Fully Funded Taster Workshops & Short Courses that are avaliiable for Herts Based Companies 

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Our team of skills advisers


Steve Armitage - Skills Brokerage Service Adviser 

Steve has over 25 years’ experience running an SME business in the technology sector, as well as over 30 years of managing people. He believes one of the key elements to ensuring profitable growth is getting the right people and motivating them to deliver for the business. Steve works with an excellent provider network in Hertfordshire, to deliver training and skills that are tailored to meet your business needs.

Caroline Cartwright - Skills Brokerage Service Adviser 

Caroline has over 15 years’ experience in skills, education, learning and development, helping businesses implement work-based qualifications, training plans, apprenticeships, Investors in People and HR processes. She works closely with SMEs, training providers, the University of Hertfordshire, local schools and colleges, and business development organisations to provide tailored support for every client.

Amanda Sukhdeo - Lead Skills Brokerage Service Adviser 

12 years’ experience managing training events and ESF and ERDF project, working within the Business Link team in supporting SMEs within the Hertfordshire County.  6 years’ experience as a successful Leadership and Management Apprenticeship Assessor.  Designed and delivered learner workshops and off the job training programme. Experienced in coaching and mentoring employees and employers through the Apprenticeship programme. Successfully developed good and healthy working relationships with employees and employers, training providers, Colleges, and University of Hertfordshire.

Ask our advisers about:

•Understanding and identifying the vital skills for your business

•Selecting and training the best people for your organisation

•Matching your people skills to your business objectives

•Accessing funding for skills development

The Skills Brokerage Service

Delivered via Hertfordshire Growth Hub, is designed to help you get the skills you need for your business as effectively as possible. The support you’ll get from us is powerful, targeted, impartial and at no cost to you.

What does the Service offer?
Our Skills Advisers are industry experts, ready to work with you to diagnose exactly what your business requires and to make it happen. They will support you to:

  • understand and identify the vital skills for your business
  • select and train the best people for your organisation
  • match your people skills to your business objectives
  • access funding for skills development

Who is it for?

A wide range of fully-funded training is available to small and medium-sized (SME) businesses based in Hertfordshire that wish to up-skill both new and established employees, to a standard that will ensure they add maximum value to your business, enhance their skills and make them feel valued as an employee.

Do you know the skills gaps within your business?

Our experienced advisers are ready to work with you; they will diagnose exactly what your business requires and we will work together to close any productivity gaps. The skills adviser will help you with practical strategies to develop and focus your team’s skills. 

The team are committed to helping you develop and grow your business through attracting the right people and developing appropriate skills to build a ‘talent pipeline’ to deliver your future business objectives.

Retain, Train and Grow your team

Our adviser will meet with you and conduct a diagnosis and a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to understand and identify the vital skills for your business. We will support you with selecting and training the best people for your organisation.  It is fundamental that you conduct a TNA to align your people with the business objectives.  The team of specialists will advise you on what the best options are for your business training needs, this could range from up-skilling to apprenticeships.

Ask a member of the team for free expert advice today

Support that is available to train your staff

Fully funded staff training through the Employee Support in Skills programme is available for a limited time only. This programme covers a range of training opportunities from;

  • Functional Skills (Maths, English and IT)     
  • Management Essentials (Business Administration Levels 2, 3, and 4, Customer Service Level 2 and 3)
  • IT Essentials (Digital Media Skills Level1 and Level 2 Photoshop Elements 10) 

In a recent survey, 79% of Hertfordshire-based businesses reported a serious skills gap within their workforce and it is of course recognised that a skilled workforce is key to economic prosperity. As a step towards addressing this issue, the University of Hertfordshire is hosting a skills fair for employers, where they can meet with training providers and participate in bite-sized expert workshops on critical skills matters. More information here