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The skills you need for the future you want

Expert HR support, absolutely free

Our planning and HR specialist Steve Armitage offers expert support in training, development, recruitment and HR, carrying out skills audits to identify the skills you need now – and in the future. He can match your development plan to your business plan, helping you build the skills you need to achieve your goals. Be the first to hear how you can grow your business and stay ahead of the competition by subscribing to our free newsletter.

Enabling your people to develop their potential under a management team they believe in has a powerful impact on loyalty, retention, and your bottom line. So, whether your team needs leadership development or technical training, we’ll help you find the best provider to deliver it. There’s even the opportunity to design your own corporate degree with the University of Hertfordshire.

Bringing bright new talent on board

We also look to your long-term future, developing your connections with local schools, colleges and universities so you can build a strong talent pipeline. Offering work experience develops young people’s long-term interest in your business, while internships let talented students tackle specific projects, and apprenticeships enable you to train new recruits in exactly the areas you need.

Skills Brokerage Service

We can also act as a Skills Brokerage Service and provide you with impartial advice and guidance on your businesses skills needs

Ask Steve for free, expert advice on:

• Skills audits and addressing skills gaps
• Creating and implementing skills strategies
• Management and leadership development
• HR policy and procedures
• Free graduate recruitment
• Employment, retention and reward
• Managing performance and change
• Connecting with schools, colleges and universities
• Work placements, internships and apprenticeships
• Funding for training and development


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