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Growth Hub Puts the Spotlight on Skills Support for the Workforce in Hertfordshire


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The Hertfordshire Growth Hub continues to demonstrate its role as the central point of access to business support in Hertfordshire, through developing strong relationships with partners in the county.  The Growth Hub has been collaborating with the Skills Support for the Workforce (SSW) programme to upskill employees in Hertfordshire, which has been documented in a new video, featured on the Growth Hub’s YouTube Channel.

The Skills Support for the Workforce (SSW) programme was developed to combat skills shortages across the UK. It provides recognised accredited qualifications and bespoke training courses to enhance employees’ skills, increase business competitiveness as well as increase workplace productivity and efficiencies.

Delivered by Serco, Skills Support for the Workforce, is providing £4.4m in funding over the 28-month programme. The programme, co-financed by the European Social Fund and Education and Skills Funding Agency, enables a vast expanse of training to be accessible at no cost to eligible businesses in the county.

Employers who have upskilled staff through the SSW programme have benefited from increased employee confidence, motivation and productivity as well as improved employee loyalty and retention.

Despite the huge benefits this programme yields to SMEs, the SSW delivery team found that they struggled with establishing a footprint within Hertfordshire. To help solve this, they contacted the Growth Hub to act as the referral point for businesses in the county that were seeking skills support and direct them towards the SSW programme.

The Growth Hub’s newsletter, which has an extensive audience of Hertfordshire-based SMEs, was used as a platform to promote SSW. The benefits of the collaboration between the Growth Hub and SSW are showcased in a case study video produced by the Growth Hub featuring Matt Clark, Partnership Coordinator for the programme.

Matt highlights the “fantastic” support the Growth Hub provided. He explains how the Growth Hub guided Serco in the right direction and connected them to the SMEs who needed access to the SSW programme.

In the video, Matt stated that, “the effect on referrals has been fantastic,” and that through this process SSW and the Growth Hub have established a strong partner relationship.

Liza Armstrong, Strategic and Business Development Manager at the Growth Hub, said this initiative has “reinforced the benefits of working with Hertfordshire Growth Hub, the central point of access for business support in the county”.

“Our aim is to become the best Growth Hub in the UK, providing quality business support to SMEs. In order to achieve this, our relationship with partners is paramount to us working together to guide businesses on their path to success”.

For more information about the Skills Support for the Workforce programme, and on how to register as a partner with the Growth Hub, contact the Hertfordshire Growth Hub.

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