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Looking for Funding Opportunities? Use GrantFinder


TAGS: Access to Finance, General Business Information

Through the Hertfordshire Growth Hub, you can access GrantFinder, a funding portal exclusively for SMEs to search for legitimate funding opportunities, whether it’s local, regional, national or international. There are currently over 1,000 opportunities listed with real-time information. The portal is quick and easy to use with 24hr access and it’s entirely free.

Through the portal, you can search specific opportunities that you might have heard or read about, and you can browse opportunities that are listed to see what else is out there that your business might benefit from. You can also view local success stories to find out how particular funding opportunities benefited other businesses. There are a range of listings from infrastructure to creative industries.

You can even get updates regarding funding opportunities you’ve signed up for, or might be interested in. You can track schemes as well as save searches and items in your portfolio. The portal also allows you to generate reports, as well as set up alerts and receive updates regarding suitable opportunities.

To gain immediate, free and unrestricted access to GrantFinder’s comprehensive database, register now at:

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