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The Herts of Productivity


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When it comes to productivity, the UK lags behind its industrialised counter-parts. There is a host of different reasons that have been provided such as the role of technology and an under-skilled workforce. On the regional scale, the East of England ranks 3rd out of the 12 UK regions with locations such as Cambridge being the hotbed of productivity. However, Hertfordshire, by virtue of its prominent pharma and hi-tech strengths in addition to its location (between Cambridge and London) and good transport links, is well placed to capitalise and increase its productivity performance.

Of course, the businesses, and in particular SMEs within Hertfordshire, have a role to play in boosting the Herts level of productivity. In this respect, there are a number of factors that SMEs can focus upon and improve that can in turn impact their business productivity. These factors include;

  • Technology investment
  • Workforce skills
  • Workplace culture
  • Employee engagement
  • Leadership & management
  • Business operations and processes
  • Business structure and systems.

The Hertfordshire Growth Hub is well placed to help SMEs with improving their business productivity and its Technology & Productivity Adviser, Dr Abrar Jawaid, would be delighted to engage with you.


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