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11 key elements to include in your marketing strategy


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The role of your marketing strategy is to support the delivery of your business objectives. So firstly, do you have a marketing strategy that does this? And secondly do you know what should be included in it? If the answers ‘no’ then here’s a quick guide.

Your Business Objectives

What is it you want to achieve? What are your goals? What is your timeframe?


SWOT Analysis

What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? Dig deep and don’t be afraid to be self-critical.


Your USP or unique selling point

What is it that makes you different from your competitors? Is it years of experience, your expertise or do you offer something completely different to anyone else?


Your Product/Service

What is your offering?  Is it something people want or need? How many products/services do you offer? Be clear and concise.


Your Competitor Analysis

Do you know what your competition are up to? How does their offer differ to yours? What have they got that you haven’t and vice versa? Keep one step ahead if you can.


Your Brand Values

What are you all about? What is it that you and your brand stands for? What you do you want your customers to think of you?


Your Brand Position

Where do you sit in your market place? Is it high end, high quality and premium priced or somewhere in the middle? Where do you want to be?


Your Ideal Customer

Who is your ideal customer? What do they look like, where do they go, what do they like, where can you find more of them?


Your Location

This can mean a few things.  Where you want to sell your product or service or where in your shop you want to position your products to maximise sales or even where you position them on your website?


Your Promotions

How do you promote your product or service? Do you offer discounts? What marketing channels have you used or want to try? What has worked for you in the past?


Your Pricing

Do you have a defined pricing structure? Is it clear? Does it make sense to your customers?


It’s important to spend time thinking about these 11 elements, to make sure you’re clear from the beginning with your strategy.  Why not come along to our marketing strategy workshop?  We’ll go through each element in detail and work with you on your business throughout the day to really kick start you on your journey.  After all, ‘Hope is not a Strategy!’. Visit our website to book today



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