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Herts Camera Action, a project funded by the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund, aims to capitalise on the world-leading hub of film and TV studios located in Hertfordshire to ensure that the wider community benefits from these assets. The project is led by Hertfordshire’s official destination management organisation Visit Herts, along with delivery partners Hertfordshire Growth Hub and the University of Hertfordshire.

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This project will kickstart innovation by supporting the growth of the local Film & TV supply chain including creative industries, investing in creative skills and knowledge exchange, and developing a series of brand-new screen tourism products to support the rebuild of Hertfordshire’s visitor economy.

Available to Hertfordshire-based SMEs operating in the film & TV supply chain, as well as those looking to expand their operations and/or diversify into this sector, Herts Camera Action provides the following programme of support:

•    Creative Industries, Film & TV Supply Chain Grant Programme
•    Targeted CPD Programme

•    Screen Tourism Development Programme (now fully subscribed)

Creative Industries, Film & TV Supply Chain Grant Programme

Aiming to kickstart innovation by supporting the creative industries, Film & TV supply chain, eligible Hertfordshire-based SMEs can access a grant of up to £5,000* (with a 20% match fund contribution) for the purchase of capital equipment, professional fees, consultancy and much more. With the aim of helping your business to tap into this growing sector.

As part of the grant programme, SMEs will undergo an in-depth business diagnostic with a sector specialist adviser, focusing on their capabilities to exploit new opportunities related to the film and television sector.

In addition to the grant funding, SMEs will also benefit from up to 12 hours of mentoring support delivered by University of Hertfordshire experts. Mentor expertise includes business strategy, branding, creative entrepreneurship, IP and more.

This programme of support is open to SMEs who are already operating in the creative industries, film & TV supply chain, as well as those looking to diversify into this sector.

*Grant eligibility criteria apply

Targeted CPD Programme

Delivered by experts at the University of Hertfordshire, the Herts Camera Action CPD Programme offers free of charge training to help upskill the creative industries, film & TV supply chain workforce. This programme of support aims to meet the skills gaps identified as part of the grant programme.

Eligible SMEs benefiting from the grant programme will automatically be referred to the CPD Programme, supporting employees to upskill, as well as foster knowledge exchange between industry and academia, increase innovation and build links within the sector.  

The suite of structured training in the form of CPD modules include:

•    Media Strategies and Communication – Level 7
•    Marketing Opportunities in the Creative Industries – Level 7
•    Operating in the Media Industry – Level 6

Click here for further information about each module.

Who is the support for?

Hertfordshire is home to a burgeoning film and TV sector which has recently attracted over £3.7bn of new private sector investment. Studios and production companies want to use local suppliers and are looking for a range of services from location catering and equipment hire to visual effects and makeup artists.  
This programme is aimed at Hertfordshire based SMEs looking to capitalise on the world-leading hub of film and TV studios located in Hertfordshire. The project will support SMEs to build the capacity, skills and partnerships to tap into this growing industry.

•    Hertfordshire based businesses with less than 250 employees (SMEs)
•    SMEs that supply the film and TV sector, including creative industries
•    SMEs looking to expand their operations within film and TV supply chain, or those looking to diversify into this sector


This grant is open from the 23rd February 2022 to the 30th June 2022, 17:00.

Grant Programme eligibility

Examples of eligible grant spend may include:

  • Purchase of capital equipment to enable the development of new products and services (PCs & laptops are excluded), including:
    • Equipment to help you deliver a service on location
    • Technical equipment which is essential to deliver your service to the film and TV sector
    • Digital development or software licences
  • Professional fees (legal, planning, architectural etc)
  • Marketing, including costs for participate in trade fairs
  • Design agency/studio fees
  • Consultancy to develop new or diversifying product offerings including:
    • Strategic business consultancy and advice
    • Review of the business strategy / operating mode
    • Innovation strategy
    • Reviewing and rebuilding a viable business model


Next steps and how to apply

To apply, visit here.

For queries or further information, please email hcaenquiries@exemplas.com.

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