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EU Transition: Change, the Catalyst for Realising Opportunity

Two months beyond the final EU withdrawal enactment on 31st December 2020, how are things shaping up for UK businesses?

We have created an experienced team of five specialist EU Transition Advisers to assist companies to navigate their way through the complexities of the transition process. 

This is part of our EU Transition Readiness programme of support, powered by Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, and is designed to make proactive contact with businesses, establish how far they have progressed towards being Transition-ready, and what assistance they require moving forward.

Established in December 2020, this team has outreached to nearly 400 Hertfordshire-based businesses and established the levels of preparedness in implementing the new rules for over 100 of these. Whilst a few have made little or no progress, most businesses have either completed their preparations or are at work-in-progress stage.

There are six major areas of process concerns that are being raised by businesses:

  • VAT and duty complexities
  • Shipping documentation 
  • Proof of Origin for goods for importers and exporters
  • The Northern Ireland Protocol
  • Customs delays for exporters, due to documentation-related issues
  • GDPR and data security

Some of the issues raised during discussions are highly technical and compliance documentation is being updated constantly, so, in part, our adviser’s role is to ensure that businesses have the latest support material available. 

Our EU Transition Advisers can provide front-line assistance, based on personal expertise, in some instances and  indicate best practice options. They are also able to use our extensive network of partners and suppliers to enlist specialist advice when resolving complex technical issues. Working closely with partners such as Trading Standards and private sector VAT, supply chain and legal specialists. 

Additional support in the form of a series of live events and on-demand videos is also available. 

To find out more about this programme of support, login or register for free and explore our online Marketplace where you will find our EU Transition Readiness Support listing.