Meet the team

Amanda Freeland - Growth Hub Manager

Amanda leads the adviser team in diagnosing what a business needs and bringing in the best advisers to help. She loves helping businesses with potential, and working out the best way to realise it – seeing them grow, thrive and have a positive impact on our local economy.

Ask Amanda about:

  • How the Growth Hub can help you

  • Prioritising your next steps

  • Getting the best from your management team

  • Process improvement

  • Project management

  • Planning for growth

  • Quality management, including ISO-9001


Amanda has over 20 years’ experience in business support. She has been here since the inception of the Growth Hub and played an integral part in creating the team of specialist advisers, as well as building the Growth Hub’s reputation. She also spends time behind the scenes, developing services, working with partners and securing European funding, so we can be here for businesses in the long term.

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