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Person Centred Wellbeing

2 Pondcroft

Location: Welwyn Garden City

Phone: 07889557182


Email: This will be replaced with the contact email on page load.

Specialisms: HR & Recruitment

The Person Centred Approach was developed to create Employee Engagement and Wellbeing strategies and solutions which reflected the unique traits of employees and organisations, recognising that one solution or strategy will not suit everyone. How could it? There are clear links between Engagement and Wellbeing, and we believe that both need to be addressed at the same time, to achieve the right balance. Having studied organisational culture, employee engagement, employee wellbeing and also psychology, it became clear that the only way to create the ideal solution for an organisation is to acknowledge that every business is different, every team is different, and each individual within that team is unique. The principles behind this approach are that whilst the organisation can take action and apply strategies for the work environment, these will only be successful if the individual traits, strengths and experiences of the employee are also considered. The Person Centred approach takes a holistic view of the employee and the work environment, which means that solutions will be perfectly tailored to your organisation and the individuals who form your team. It's the understanding of your uniqueness that makes this work. We strongly believe in valuing people as individuals, and also that in every workplace, communication is key. As a consultancy, we are able to adapt and create bespoke services to suit individual employers, and because we are unique too have a 'pick and mix' system where organisations can literally choose the exact solutions and services that they need, and invest only in those services. We run our business in the same way, working with freelance consultants and outsourcing wherever possible, to keep the costs to our business, and therefore the costs to our clients, to a minimum. This way of working not only supports the small businesses from whom we access our services, but ensures that our clients get the maximum ROI, as the investment will only be exactly what you need. If you would like to know how Person Centred Wellbeing could help you, either through assessments, training, facilitation or strategies, please contact me for information about Person Centred Wellbeing, assessments and solutions for employee engagement, wellbeing, and stress management, and find out how I could help you with the unique needs of your organisation.

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