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6 Comet Road

Location: Hatfield

Phone: +447380287270


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Specialisms: Advertising & Marketing, Business Services, Engineering & Surveying

Our vision is: "We win with our customers through making new, amazing solutions accessible in everyday life to make people lives happier & easier." There are 3 cores in our business: CORE 1 - INDUSTRY 4.0: 3D PRINTING, 3D MODELLING & 3D SCANNING: We offer a comprehensive range of 3D services because this is aligned with our vision of bringing amazing solution to make people lives happier & easier. With the emerge of 3D printing - every area of our lives will become more localised, therefore faster & more just-in-time - when we need it. We can offer bespoke scanning, modelling and then printing in a range of materials available in the market. CORE 2 - MARKETING SERVICES: When we started we focused on marketing services. Currently those services are offered especially to start-up customers who are looking to raise awareness, promote & target their customers on website, social media or through printed materials. CORE 3 - PROJECT & BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: Primarily, we offer business & project management services. I have 10 years of Project Management experience in the industry & manufacturing therefore we can offer our customers preparation of a business plan, strategic planning, finishing on any day-to-day project & factory management activities. In simple terms - taking your idea to concise plan & proper implementation.

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