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- 23.04.19

Our new interactive platform will be going live
in the next couple of weeks, and so we are no
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Location: St Albans

Phone: 01727 850668


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Specialisms: Sales/Retail

We help change behaviors and build skills! We help people and organisations tackle challenging inter-personal issues. We use cutting edge neuro-science and an innovative psycho-educational approach to give people insight into how their brains work, how they react to change, to conflict, to challenge. We combine this with a deep commercial knowledge of sales and marketing processes and skills. By better understanding of what's going on inside your head and the head of colleagues or customers you are better able to influence (or sell!) to achieve the outcomes you want, whether that's personal progress or a sales deal or a change program. Our programs are different, we use a wide variety of highly experiential methodologies (e.g. games, exercises, forum theater) that delegates find enjoyable, memorable and effective. Barely a desk or PowerPoint slide in sight! We have backgrounds in psychology and business (specifically sales and marketing) and we combine combine the psychological and the commercial to give our clients powerful tools to influence their own behaviors and that of others. So for example, if you want your sales people to develop their selling skills and behaviours or if you need people or organisations to accept change or manage conflict/disagreement more positively, we can design and deliver a program that works for your budget, your time scales and your requirements.

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