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Our new interactive platform will be going live
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Epics Academy Ltd

55 Gosforth Lane

Location: Watford

Phone: 07831209232


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Specialisms: Advertising & Marketing, Business Services, Engineering & Surveying, Property, Training, Other

Hello, the Epics Academy was set up to help businesses communicate to a wider customer base using quality video, and speaking to a camera. In particular, there is a real need to learn the skills of speaking to a video camera to build rapport with potential customers. There is now a huge need for quality video, as there is a great deal of average or poor quality video, and without a quality standard, it will be damaging to your brand. A bad video is worse than none at all, yet no video use has now become professionally damaging to your business. John Keedwell works as a professional film and TV cameraman, and has now recorded over 3,500 interviews with many famous people. He needed to develop a system to make the interviewees at ease very quickly, as many major musicians and film stars were also seen to be anxious. This is where the Speak to Camera System originated. John developed a unique and professional process to help you understand why you feel anxious when speaking to a camera, then enabling you to be confident with your words and delivery in front of any camera. The System combines many areas of study, including NLP, Stage speaking, Acting, Professional camera techniques, and much more. John will teach you the many skills needed for delivery of introductions, content, and regular information. The skills will stay with you whether you choose to make the videos yourself in future or bring in a professional camera crew.

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