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Eco International Ltd

Location: Hertfordshire

Phone: 01442 245457


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Specialisms: Advertising & Marketing

Are you keen enough to want to tackle tough marketing problems with existing products or services which cannot be solved by a new logo or a trendy social media campaign? Or might you welcome some close support in kickstarting a new product or service in the UK or overseas? Find out FREE of charge, if, and how, you might be able to benefit confidentially from support based on 50 years of successful business experience in consumer and business to business marketing at the highest levels. Just call Brian Gurnett FREE of charge on 01442 245457 for up to 30 minutes to find out whether or not it would be worth meeting.  I don't want to waste time any more than you do. So, to save both of us time, look up Brian Gurnett on LinkedIn before telephoning me. 

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