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Our new interactive platform will be going live
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86-90 Paul Street
We are a Watford based business that is registered in London

Location: London

Phone: 0203 633 4219


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Specialisms: Business Services, IT Support

History Have you heard of the phrase the cloud and do you know what it means for your business? • Cloudingen was established to help drive business’s forward with technology • In our careers we saw a lack of expertise and direction within SMB’s to understand the financial and operational benefits of adopting cloud solutions into their business. The cloud is one of the most exciting and fastest growing trends in the IT and communications industry today. It allows for smaller businesses to be on par with larger organisations without the need for large capital expenditure or resources The cloud for us is the engine of ingenuity ! What we do? Here at Cloudingen we are passionate about making technology benefit your Business. • With over 18 years experience we have technical expertise in a number of areas to assist and support you • We provide managed services and support not just around cloud but also existing on-premises technologies. • We advise companies on their security practices and ensure that you are not open to data breaches and financial loss as a result. • We provide internet connectivity options suited to your needs for you premises with our unbiased advice based on the whole market so you do not have to trawl through different suppliers and price plans. What make us unique? • With our enterprise level experience, you benefit by getting subject matter experts advising you on industry best practice without the expensive costs of large consulting firms. • We are not sales people but experienced technical experts so we will always give you the right advice and right solution. • We have flexible pay as you use options to ensure that you are in control of your costs and can expand and contract based on your business performance. Our Mission statement • Our long term plans are to be seen as one of the leading experts in the area of cloud adoption and support in the UK for small to medium business.

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