Get Growing Grant

Grants of up to £3,000 now available to assist you to invest in projects that will help your business to grow

The Hertfordshire Growth Hub Get Growing project is now offering a grant of up to £3,000 for established SMEs based in Hertfordshire to support the cost of external consultancy projects which will help the business to grow.

Whether you are thinking about investing in a project to increase sales, improving your website to access new markets or are preparing for the introduction of GDPR, this grant could potentially fund up to 50% of eligible expenditure.

Applications must be made on the official Get Growing Grant application form, which will be provided to you once you have completed a growth action plan with a Hertfordshire Growth Hub business adviser.

How do I apply for the grant with Get Growing?

When you contact us, we will talk to you about the project; assess your eligibility; and take you through an in-depth diagnostic.

If appropriate, we will then refer you on to one of our specialist business advisers who will book a one-to-one meeting with you to help you develop a growth action plan.

Once you have developed a growth action plan with an HGH adviser, the adviser will determine whether an application for grant funding, in order to support the implementation of the action plan, is appropriate and where it is; will take you through the application process.

If your project is ineligible for the grant, you may still be eligible for our integrated programme of business support.

What happens when I apply for a grant with Get Growing?

The Get Growing Project aims to:

  • Support business growth
  • Support SMEs to introduce new to firm products
  • Create 100 jobs in the local economy by June 2018

Your application will be assessed and you will be informed by your business adviser whether your request for the Get Growing Grant funding has been successful. 

As part of our appraisal process, all applications will be reviewed for approval by a panel whose role is to take each application through a scoring process. The scoring process takes into account:

  • The applicant’s growth potential (measured through number of jobs to be created, increase in turnover and / or introduction to of new to firm products).
  • The applicant’s ability to deliver outcomes linked to the objectives of the project.
  • The applicant’s ability to deliver projects and outcomes within the timescales available.

Please note that the application process is competitive in all instances and funding will be prioritised for businesses that are anticipating outputs in line with the project’s aims.

What can the grant fund?

Specialised consultancy projects to support business growth (as identified within a Growth Action Plan developed with an HGH adviser). For example projects related to:

  • Increasing sales
  • Increasing business resilience and cyber security
  • Research to take existing products into new UK markets
  • Improving productivity and profitability
  • Investment readiness support
  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Website development (linked specifically to increased sales/growth/updating to reflect new services)
  • Preparation for introduction of GDPR
  • Diversification
  • Recruitment for hard to fill posts

This is a non- exhaustive list

What can’t the grant fund?

Examples of ineligible costs are as follows:

  • Capital expenditure (anything which creates an asset)
  • General printing in large quantities
  • Creation of a website for ‘business as usual’ purposes
  • Registration of patent, trade mark or copyright for ‘business as usual’ purposes
  • Product registration for ‘business as usual’ purposes
  • On-going membership/renewal of membership to trade bodies/associations or professional accreditations
  • Gifts, spa costs, entertaining (e.g. client entertaining/bar bills)
  • Costs or sectors supported through other ERDF project grants i.e. linked to low carbon/energy efficiency/ implementation of Export plans/manufacturing sector/arts & creative sectors.

This is a non-exhaustive list

The grants are subject to eligibility and availability