A whole world of opportunities

A good first step is to get some free, impartial advice from us. Together we can explore how export ready you are, the preliminary actions you’ll need to put in place, the contacts you have overseas and the impact that exporting will have on areas like production, sales and finance.

Once you’ve got a clearer picture of what you could achieve, we can put you in touch with expert advisers from DIT (formerly UKTI), the Enterprise Europe Network or UK Export Finance to help you take the next step.

Think you can't sell overseas? Are you exporting but want to do better? Access support from DIT with their Get Exporting 2 programme - a tailored programme of advice and assistance, both financial and 1-2-1, to enable you to begin selling overseas or to expand internationally.


2nd March "YOU CAN" Export: Export Essentials Department for International Trade East of England

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