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18 Jan 2021

HCF in partnership with Herts Growth Hub

Mental Health and Wellbeing- Local support services for you and your workforce


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Varied Speakers from the Hertfordshire voluntary sector TBC


You will hear from five Hertfordshire Voluntary sector organisations, facilitated by Hertfordshire Community Foundation.

Varied Speakers from the Hertfordshire voluntary sector TBC


Webinar Series: Mental Health and Wellbeing- Local support services for you and your workforce

As the pandemic continues business owners and employers continue to go through great uncertainty, both economically and personally. As a result of this Hertfordshire Growth Hub in partnership with the Behaviour Change Unit, Public Health, Hertfordshire County Council has created a new Wellbeing and Resilience programme.  This event is part of a series of three events hosted by Hertfordshire Community Foundation as part of this programme of support.


Productivity: Managing Stress and Anxiety

This is the final webinar of this series, that will look at how the local voluntary sector can help support you and your workforce with its mental health & wellbeing.


The last in this series will have a focus on Productivity: Managing Stress and Anxiety. Stress & Anxiety has overwhelmingly become a part of everyday life and can have a negative effect on productivity in the workplace. HCF will introduce you to organisations that can provide you and your workforce with mental health support not only for workplace stress, but also to help with several personal issues that may be causing anxiety.


You will be given the opportunity to hear from five different Hertfordshire voluntary and community organisations that can help provide support on issues that may contribute towards stress and anxiety, as well as counselling services and debt management advice.



You will come away with knowledge on the resources and expertise that are easily accessible within your local community. This is an important webinar at an important time, that will support recovery for your organisation from the impact that COVID-19 has had on employee wellbeing and in turn promote productivity in the workplace.


Recovery, resilience, and productivity will not be possible without looking after your key resources: yourself and your workforce. So, come and meet HCF and some of the vital organisations within your community that are here and equipped to support you.


(Note. The webinar is fully funded and free to attend. Webinars within this series can be attended as a standalone session, or you may attend all within the series. Organisations will vary for each webinar and the information presented will be adapted to each webinar’s focus.)




Hertfordshire Community Foundation
Hertfordshire Growth Hub

18 Jan 2021 - 18 Jan 2021

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