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Aware Leadership

Location: Hertfordshire

Phone: 07817 246930


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Specialisms: Training

‘I empower teams and leaders to transform their results through changing their attitude and behaviour.’

I generally work with business leaders/owners who want to grow their leadership or teams – they may want to grow/develop their leadership or recognise that some of their current practices or behaviours would improve results/performance.

Change your behaviour, change your results!

Some of the areas I've worked on with leaders are:

  • Confidence
  • Overcoming conflict or barriers with other team members/peers
  • Keeping time and priority commitments
  • Communicating clearly and with personal authority
  • Emotional resilience (in light of challenges/current context)
  • Engaging team and peer support for operations or projects
  • Having uncomfortable/difficult conversations about performance (including their own!)
  • Being more purposeful, including keeping their word about their commitments

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