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186 St Albans
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Location: Watford

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Specialisms: Business Services, HR & Recruitment, Other

Own Your Step is a boutique consulting firm that partners partner with mid-size Family Businesses to build energising teams and workplace cultures designed to support their next level of business growth without compromising the unique, welcoming atmosphere their clients love. Through a combination of executive coaching, leadership and team programmes and individual and team coaching interventions, we help transform businesses from the inside out to support and sustain future growth. We know that what makes your business special is its uniqueness. We value that and are behind you 100%. Our goal is to help you build a culture that will support your next level of business growth without compromising the elements that make you, YOU. For this, we have designed our team and leadership programmes to be personal and highly impactful; one-and-done solutions that focus specifically on what your team needs. Our services include team and leadership training programmes, individual and team coaching*, and access to a number of assessments that help establish a baseline from which we'll build a plan to move your business to the next level. Give us a call. We're look forward to hearing from you! *All our coaching services are delivered in accordance to ICF standards and code of ethics.

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