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Location: Stevenage

The challenge

Splaat Media - a professional photography service for school productions and events – connected with Hertfordshire Growth Hub at a local entrepreneurial competition. The company was seeking advice on how they could reach out to new markets to support their growth plans.

The solution

Amanda Freeland, Hertfordshire Growth Hub’s Manager was impressed with Splaat Media’s business model but identified an opportunity to help them diversify their client base - providing their photography services at live sports events. To find out if this was a viable option for them, Amanda put them in touch with a local sports club so that they could carry out market research.

To help the company develop their corporate event profile, Amanda also suggested they tender for an event showcasing skills provision in Hertfordshire earlier in the summer. They won the tender, and the event also provided a platform to promote their service to business owners in the local area.

The impact

Since Splaat Media started working with the Growth Hub they have:

• Experienced 23% growth in their work for school productions, compared to the previous year
• Added 80 sports clubs to their portfolio of clients since the launch of their live sports photography service
• Developed relationships with businesses, supporting 10 corporate events in 2015
• Established a collaborative team of 28 photographers to deliver their work
• Won ‘Best Growth Business’ award at the University of Hertfordshire’s Flare awards 2015
• Secured business overseas - working for a school drama festival in South Africa.

Greg McClarnon, Managing Director of Splaat Media, expresses his gratitude for the guidance he has received via the Growth Hub:

“The support and advice we’ve received from the Growth Hub has been absolutely critical in helping us reach out to new customers and stay ahead of the competition. Being able to tap into their wealth of expertise, business experience and connections in the local area has been invaluable to us.”

Find out about Splaat Media's work by visiting their website.

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