Speaker - David Hatmil, Director, Tender Assist Ltd

David Hatmil has been working on Public Sector tenders since 2003, and since establishing Tender Assist Ltd, has completed a considerable number of tenders for an array of business sectors. The company maintains an average of 30-40 clients at any one time, and there are no barriers to the types of organisations it works with, resulting in a highly diverse clientele. Such clients can be any business that wishes to embark in Public Sector tendering. Tender Assist Ltd’s mission is rather simple; it hopes to provide a customised solution to improve client opportunities to bid for Public Sector contracts.

What the webinar covered: 

  • What is public Sector Tendering.
  • The key components for bidding.
  • Tendering documentation.
  • Invitation To Tender process (ITT).
  • Presentation Interviews.
  • Contract Award and next steps.


What will be the key take aways for those who watch: 

  • Learn what the Public Sector is and how it operates.
  • A better understanding of the process of bidding for a Public Sector tender.
  • Better informed as to the wealth of opportunities provided in the Public Sector and where to find the opportunities
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