This recorded webinar will equip HR leaders and Business owners with emotional and practical insight on how to manage maternity leaves most effectively, to both retain and attract the best female talent to their business.


Gemma Rabbini of Coach & Bloom was in the corporate world in Brand Marketing Communications, Customer Experience and Training for 13 years.  During her career she has, with hindsight, always been in the business of ‘impact’. Gemma is now an ICF qualified Communications and Confidence Coach. She's passionate about working with women - teams, individuals & businesses interested in supporting their female staff through 'career squiggles' and transitions. One of the key tools Gemma uses with clients is Positive Intelligence - an ability to reframe the ups and downs of life and build a strong, resilient, sel compassionate mindset which facilitates success, happiness, achievement, better health, less fractious relationships and happier marriages!  

What the recorded webinar will cover:  

  • An overview of the maternity leave journey.  
  • Strategies and questions to use in managing the conversations. 
  • External support available to support and get the best from your returners. 


What will be the key take aways for those who watch:  

  • What it can feel like to be on maternity leave(!)  
  • How to create the best environments for women to thrive  
  • How to navigate the return most effectively (practically and emotionally).
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