• Find your local delivery organisation through Investors In People on Tel 0300 303 3033 or www.investorsinpeople.co.uk.
  • Ask your local centre for a copy of the Investors in People (IiP) Standard.
  • Ask your local delivery organisation what guidance, help or financial support they provide, or for names of approved advisers.
  • Review your commitment to developing employees - in strategy and plans, and by providing opportunities, encouragement and recognition.
  • Confirm you have a clear business strategy and action plans, including how employee development will help achieve your objectives.
  • Assess the effectiveness of your induction, training and development and whether managers provide effective support.
  • Review how you evaluate the costs and benefits of development activities and their impact on company and individual performance.
  • Investigate employees’ understanding of development opportunities and activities, their effectiveness and your commitment to development.
  • Identify how you can continually improve development activities.
  • Assess in detail how your company measures up against the ten indicators of the IiP Standard.
  • Prepare an action plan to meet the IiP Standard, including appropriate training and development and performance management systems.
  • Identify the costs - in employee time, advisers’ fees and assessment costs - and likely timescales for achieving the IiP Standard.
  • Make a public commitment to achieving the IiP Standard, both to your delivery organisation and to your employees.
  • Explain to your employees what you are doing; take the action required, and build up evidence of how you meet the IiP Standard.
  • Arrange for formal assessment; consider planning a trial run.
  • Once accredited, maintain the IiP Standard and keep developing your business and employees; prepare to be reviewed within three years.




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