Modern slavery is a pressing issue even in regions like Hertfordshire, UK, where it operates more prominently than one might realise. In fact, recent reports have shown that modern slavery cases in Hertfordshire increased by a staggering 25% last year. This alarming trend serves as a stark reminder that modern slavery can occur within our communities and supply chains, often hidden from plain view. Consequently, as a business you must remain vigilant as you may inadvertently contribute to this unethical practice through your supply chains, where tracing the origins of goods or services becomes challenging, and the use of forced labour remains a real concern. 

By implementing even small changes, you can both reduce the risk of modern slavery occurring in your business and win more business.  


Speaker: Dami Omole, Shiva Foundation 

Dami serves as the Senior Program Manager at Shiva Foundation, where she joined in 2022, bringing expertise in equality and education programs from both for-profit andnot-for-profit sectors. Her significant contributions include co-authoring resources like the Self-Assessment Scorecard for Local Authorities and the report "Understanding the Potential of Licensing Frameworks and Teams to Tackle Modern Slavery in the UK," aimed at strengthening modern slavery responses.


What the webinar covered:  

  • An introduction to what is meant by the term Modern Slavery 
  • Examples of modern slavery in supply chains in the UK and in particular Hertfordshire 
  • The implications for businesses and the benefits of supply chain compliance and transparency.  
  • How the SME Toolkit from Shiva Foundation and STOP THE TRAFFIK can help you take practical steps to reduce the risk of modern slavery being part of your business’s supply chain. 


What will be the key take aways for those who watch: 

  • Clarity around what is meant by Modern Slavery  
  • An improved understanding of the benefits of ensuring your business is addressing the risk 
  • Access to a Modern Slavery toolkit specifically prepared to help small and medium-sized businesses
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