The way you spend your cyber budget is more important than how much you spend.

It is easy to waste money on the latest cyber resilience tool because “everyone has it” but do you need it?

Unless your business has the basic foundations of cyber resilience ingrained, then you might well be buying for the sake of it. You could have the most amazing threat detection system in the world but if you are using compromised passwords then an attacker has an open door to your systems.

The basics

  • Back up your data - Identify what data you need to back up, keep them offline, test your solution
  • Protecting your organisation from malware - Install (and turn on) antivirus software, keep all your IT equipment up to date (patching)
  • Keeping your smartphones (and tablets) safe - Make sure lost or stolen devices can be tracked, locked or wiped, keep your apps and device up to date
  • Using passwords to protect your data – change your default passwords, avoid reused, guessable or predictable passwords, use Two-Factor Authorisation on important accounts
  • Avoiding phishing attacks – provide staff awareness training, report all attacks

And there are some great tools which are completely free for businesses to use. To get more information on these tools visit and start your resilience journey today.

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