Are you an Ostrich or a Nodding Dog?

You’re an ostrich. If you can’t see it, it can’t affect you. If you have any kind of online presence, then cyber criminals can affect your business. And it’s not that they are targeting your company specifically. Criminals target everyone online. They look for vulnerabilities and will pick those low hanging fruit; those companies without fundamental cyber security controls. If you were a burglar, would you pick the lit house with CCTV and a strong door lock, or would you pick the house in darkness which isn’t overlooked?


Or maybe you’re a nodding dog? You recognize cybercrime is a risk, nodding your head along with the points being raised, but you still haven’t done anything about it, maybe for the reasons below.


There’s more important things to do? Did you know that 48% of small businesses identified a cyber-attack or data breach in the last 12 months? What would happen to your business if ransomware infected your system and you couldn’t access your emails or customer data? What about if your social media account was taken over and you were locked out? Could your company survive being tricked into paying a criminal instead of your supplier?

Cost? The ECRC is free to join and can sign post you to other free tools and services.

Unsure of where to start? The ECRC has a free bite-sized course explaining fundamental cyber resilience concepts and how to implement them for all members.

Why not move from an ostrich or nodding dog, into a business leader who can have confident conversations about the digital risk to their business?

The Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre has been set up to help Small and Medium businesses and third sector organisations increase their cyber resilience.

Don’t put it off. Start your resilience journey today at

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