Resources for your business

How to manage risk as a small business

It’s more important than ever for businesses to understand critical risks and get ready for them. Managing risk looks different for every business - read on to understand what you need to know.

Tips for effective recruitment

Do you consider yourself to have a successful recruitment strategy? Follow these tips to give yourself the best chance at recruiting top talent.

Wellness Action Plans in the workplace

A Wellness Action Plan is a practical way of helping individuals to support their own mental health at work and for you to support the mental health of your team.

Webinar - Successful Cash Flow Management

Learn why cash flow can be a challenge, how to seek help, and how to minimise late payments and maintain stability.

Webinar - Get the Best out of your Social Media Channels

Learn about the importance of planning and research for strategy and content development, as well as identifying how you want to be perceived on social media.

Webinar - Energy Efficiency

Watch this webinar for guidance on understanding your energy consumption and identifying energy saving opportunities.

SWOT Analysis

This template enables you to examine YOUR business and identify those key factors that affect the ability of the business to be resilient and competitive within its defined area of commercial activity.

PESTEL Analysis

This tool helps you to define those external factors, over which you have no control of, but you MUST be aware of. This awareness enables both reactive and proactive plans to be made to ensure business competitiveness.
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